Nicole - Lead Investigator, Psychic Medium, Case Manager

What to expect

Roland - Investigator, Equipment Tech

Gene - Investigator, Equipment Tech, UFOlogist

Our Equipment

We're here to help home owners, businesses, historical societies, schools, and other organizations increase knowledge and awareness of their location by investigating suspected paranormal activity.
Our consulting and investigation services are FREE.

Ovilus 3
SB7 Spirit Box
Rem Pods
RT-EVP 2 (as seen on ghost adventures)
K-2 meters
EMF Detectors

SLS sensor
infra-red cameras and camcorders.
Temperature gauges
Digital Video Recorders with Night Vision capability
Still cameras
Laser grids
and more...

Our Team

Hemet Ghost Hunters

•Professional, courteous behavior.
•Respect for the privacy of the owners, tenants, and property.
•Your final report and all digital copies/recordings in 14-21 days after investigation.
•Investigations usually take 3-6 hours.

Kristie - Investigator, Case Manager, Sensitive